Hidden Custom Bar in Chesterfield

A while back we wrote about a two-story remodel project we were working on in Chesterfield where we opened up the floor plan to create a more airy and open feel. Since that blog post, we have been busy remodeling and updating the home, and in the process, creating a very special feature- a custom bar in the dining room with some hidden features.

DH Custom Homes Wins Favorite Building Award

Four Homewood Lane is a house we are extremely proud of and feel honored to have received recognition by The City of Kirkwood Landmarks Commission and Architectural Review Board as one of this year’s Kirkwood Landmarks “Favorite Buildings Awards” in the category of “Infill of Merit.”

Celebrate Blackberry Season with a Delicious Blackberry Fizz

 Blackberry season comes but once a year. Here’s a recipe for a sparkling cocktail with blackberries to celebrate it right! We made these over the weekend for Mother’s Day and enjoyed them so much, we had to share. Think French 75 with a seasonal twist …er … muddle. The blackberries are delicious right now so try this blackberry cocktail while you can.

DESIGN TREND: Custom Backsplash

 Most homeowners, whether building a new home or renovating, have the most fun making selections for their kitchens and bathrooms. These days, backsplashes seem to be getting a lot of attention. With styles in every budget and taste, backsplashes in the bathroom and kitchen are a way to display personality and set the tone for the entire home.  

Size Doesn’t Matter – Part One

 Bigger is not always better. At least that is what you will see with a new custom project we kicked off recently. We were excited to get started on a home theater project for a Chesterfield family. One because home theaters are fun projects for us. And, two, because this one came with a bit of a challenge. We had to design the theater into the space where homeowners desired – a small unfinished area off of their finished lower level. 

Fusing Vintage with Modern- Part 2

 Home additions can be tricky. At DH Custom Homes, we have been working on several home additions over the last year. And we have been grateful to work with home owners who understand the importance of blending the original structure with their new addition both inside and out. 

Punch-Up Your Opening Day

 Our Birds are back. And so are punch bowls! Punch is a wonderfully low-maintenance cocktail to serve so you can enjoy the game while guests help themselves. If you’re having an opening day get-together, we have a great all-purpose punch that looks decorative and festive in a punch bowl on a buffet. Its red color makes it great for your Cardinals gathering or really any celebration! 

What I Learned from my First Job

I always tell people that I’ve never had a bad job. And I really do mean that. I have had bad days, but I have always enjoyed what I was doing. My love for work started when I was only six years old. 

DESIGN TREND: Vintage Wallpaper

 Close your eyes and try to remember that shiny floral wallpaper that was in your grandmother’s kitchen. On weekend mornings when you ate pancakes, your eyes would wander around the walls and the depth of the textures would become even more pronounced. Well. That look is back, but with some modern sensibility. According to several local interior designers retro wallpaper with patterns, large or small, and even faux finish prints are experiencing a revival. 

Dennis Hayden Featured in SBM

We would like to thank the St. Louis Small Business Monthly for taking a few moments to get to know more about Dennis Hayden and the Hayden family with their January Time with the Boss column. Since our roots run deep in the St. Louis area, we were thrilled at the opportunity to give back to the local business community. 


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