Interior Design

Interior Design

DESIGN TRENDS: Marsala, the 2015 Color of the Year

Each year, Pantone releases their pick for the official "color of the year". Industries ranging from fashion,  home design, technology and beauty look forward to the announcement and finding ways to incorporate the latest color into their work.

DESIGN TREND: Custom Backsplash

 Most homeowners, whether building a new home or renovating, have the most fun making selections for their kitchens and bathrooms. These days, backsplashes seem to be getting a lot of attention. With styles in every budget and taste, backsplashes in the bathroom and kitchen are a way to display personality and set the tone for the entire home.  

DESIGN TREND: Vintage Wallpaper

 Close your eyes and try to remember that shiny floral wallpaper that was in your grandmother’s kitchen. On weekend mornings when you ate pancakes, your eyes would wander around the walls and the depth of the textures would become even more pronounced. Well. That look is back, but with some modern sensibility. According to several local interior designers retro wallpaper with patterns, large or small, and even faux finish prints are experiencing a revival. 


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