State-of-the-Art Home Theater in Chesterfield, MO

We are delighted to finally share the professional photographs of a state-of-the-art lower level home theater we built in ChesterfieldMissouri. It’s a movie buff’s dream. If you remember, we worked with the homeowners to create a beautiful home theater in a small and awkwardly shaped unfinished area of their finished lower level. Check out the previous blogs for whole story.

This Thanksgiving, We're Thankful for This Champagne Punch

Food is more important on Thanksgiving than any holiday of the year – well, in the Hayden family anyway. We have lots of from-scratch family recipes with special steps and particular methods. It can get a little overwhelming, and we have to make shortcuts somewhere. That’s why we always serve up punch in a punch bowl on Thanksgiving.

A Special Cocktail for my Mom this Mother’s Day

Here’s a Mother’s Day cocktail recipe inspired by my mother to cheer yours (or you) because, let’s face it, as a mother, she could probably use a cocktail right now. My mom had a cocktail like this somewhere and loved it, so my husband recreated it for her. It’s a twist on the French 75. We call it Mom’s American 75.

Patio and Porch Tips for Summer

Sipping cool drinks on the patio is a St. Louis summer tradition only second to watching Cardinals baseball. It’s the perfect time of year to spend your evenings and weekends enjoying the great outdoors. To make the experience even more enjoyable, we, at DH Custom Homes, compiled a list of tips to creating a comfortable, pleasing and functional patio.


The Fourth of July Cocktail – The Firecracker

If anyone knows how to celebrate with style, it’s Martha Stewart. Here’s a cocktail from a couple years back that we have enjoyed on summer evenings, but especially appropriate for the Fourth of July.

Hidden Custom Bar in Chesterfield

A while back we wrote about a two-story remodel project we were working on in Chesterfield where we opened up the floor plan to create a more airy and open feel. Since that blog post, we have been busy remodeling and updating the home, and in the process, creating a very special feature- a custom bar in the dining room with some hidden features.

Celebrate Blackberry Season with a Delicious Blackberry Fizz

 Blackberry season comes but once a year. Here’s a recipe for a sparkling cocktail with blackberries to celebrate it right! We made these over the weekend for Mother’s Day and enjoyed them so much, we had to share. Think French 75 with a seasonal twist …er … muddle. The blackberries are delicious right now so try this blackberry cocktail while you can.

Size Doesn’t Matter – Part One

 Bigger is not always better. At least that is what you will see with a new custom project we kicked off recently. We were excited to get started on a home theater project for a Chesterfield family. One because home theaters are fun projects for us. And, two, because this one came with a bit of a challenge. We had to design the theater into the space where homeowners desired – a small unfinished area off of their finished lower level. 

Punch-Up Your Opening Day

 Our Birds are back. And so are punch bowls! Punch is a wonderfully low-maintenance cocktail to serve so you can enjoy the game while guests help themselves. If you’re having an opening day get-together, we have a great all-purpose punch that looks decorative and festive in a punch bowl on a buffet. Its red color makes it great for your Cardinals gathering or really any celebration! 

World Series Rally Cocktail

This year, the World Series matchup with the Red Sox has been a real nail biter for Cardinal’s fans. As a way to deal with the stress of fielding errors and David Ortiz, we would like to offer this delicious signature cocktail. It is sure to be a winner. And the Cardinals need all the enthusiasm they can get from the best fans in baseball.

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