Family Activity

Family Activity

Preparing Your Home for Back to School

With the kids back in school, you might be thinking of ways to update your home and make it kid friendly. There is nothing worse than getting the kids ready for school only to be scrambling around trying to find a misplaced backpack, rain coat or gym bag. We pulled together some of our favorite home updates to keep your family organized and ready for the school year.

What My Porch Has Taught Me About Mother’s Day

The front porch is a symbol of the close relationship with my mother and the relationship I hope to achieve with my daughter. We spend so much time on this porch that decorating and preparing it has become a project my mother and I work on together every year around Mother’s Day.

A Very Hayden Thanksgiving

While I am notorious for saying everything is my favorite - my family relentlessly makes fun of me for this - Thanksgiving is our favorite family holiday. That’s because it’s about giving thanks for two other favorite things: family and food. Here are some favorite family traditions, old and new, that make the day special.

A-Z Guide to Summer Fun in St. Louis

School’s out for the summer! Are you looking for activities to keep your kids busy and enjoy what St. Louis has to offer? We compiled an A-Z Guide of our favorite summer activities in St. Louis.

3 Out-of-the-Box Winter Family Fun Ideas

Even though December started with 50-degree highs, it has quickly turned wintry. There’s sure to be more winter weather on the way. Snow will fall and icicles will form. That also means there is a host of new outdoor fun that can be had. So many of us have Norman-Rockwell-like scenes in our minds of sledding and snowball fights. But in today’s video game console culture, it becomes more important than ever to instill memories in the minds of our children.

4 Ways to Score Big on Gameday

Let’s face it: Our hometown St. Louis Rams have not had the most incredible season. But that should not stop you from diving into the fall tradition of hosting close family and friends, eating high calorie food and drinking local beer. It is, indeed, football season. And we have a few tips to make sure football fans (and nonfans alike) enjoy the time spent in your home.


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