Outdoor Living

Outdoor Living

Tips to the Best Lawn and Garden this Summer

The sun's rays can be extremely harsh throughout the summer, and you want to be careful that your plants are protected. Here are some tips to have the best lawn and garden this summer.

What My Porch Has Taught Me About Mother’s Day

The front porch is a symbol of the close relationship with my mother and the relationship I hope to achieve with my daughter. We spend so much time on this porch that decorating and preparing it has become a project my mother and I work on together every year around Mother’s Day.

Build This, Not That- Renovation on a Budget

When renovating a home, not everyone can afford a McMansion. You can make a big impact on your house, even with a small budget. Here are some of our suggested remodel projects to have the biggest impact on your home’s value, and on your happiness.


Spring Planting in Missouri

I know it’s hard to believe with the freezing cold weather we’ve been experiencing over the past few weeks that spring is anywhere in sight. But, fear not, in a few days it will officially be spring! Something we look forward to all winter is getting outside and working in the yard. Here are some of our gardening tips to get you ready for spring planting.


Missouri Landscaping, Part 1

Missouri weather can be extremely harsh and unpredictable. With the sunny and warm weather, many people are thinking about gardening and taking care of their plants and flowers. We compiled a list of questions we often hear about gardening, and here is part 1 of the handy list!


Tips for Curb Appeal in St. Louis County

The weather is finally warming up and the days are becoming longer! This is the perfect time of year to get outside and do a little yard work or repairs to your home. Whether you are trying to sell your home or just want to update the yard, we have some tips for creating the ultimate curb appeal in the St. Louis area.


Better Backyard Vision

Unless you are a professional, it is sometimes difficult to visualize and understand the value of a homesite to build a new home.  If the lot features something a little different in terms of topography, shape or size, it can be even more challenging to envision how intimate and unique your yard could be. Many homesites that you might pass up by at first glance could be perfect for you and your family with a little planning.

Homewood in Kirkwood – Front Porch Beadboard Ceiling

If you’re from the South, or have spent much time there, you’ve likely done your fair share of front porch sitting. Outdoor living is a staple in southern states and they take great pride in creating welcoming, cozy porches for their homes. But have you ever sat down your sweet tea, stopped rocking and looked up?

Pinspiration – Porches & Patios

At DH Custom Homes, we know your porches and patios make a first impression. We love incorporating personal, unique touches that reflect the lifestyles of all of our home owners. The options truly are limitless!

DH Custom Homes on Pinterest


Pinterest is taking the social media world by storm! More and more people are flocking to their new obsession with pinning and repinning. DH Custom Homes is excited to announce that we have officially launched our OWN Pinterest boards!



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