To Build or to Renovate? That is the Question.

We meet many of our clients when they are in the initial phase of purchasing an older house. They come to us with the question "do we build a new home, or renovate what we have?"  To be honest, this isn’t always an easy question to answer.  As we work with them through the process, they all come to different conclusions for their own reasons.

Build This, Not That- Renovation on a Budget

When renovating a home, not everyone can afford a McMansion. You can make a big impact on your house, even with a small budget. Here are some of our suggested remodel projects to have the biggest impact on your home’s value, and on your happiness.


Five Steps to Selecting a Homesite and Preparing to Build a Custom Home

Finding a lot that’s right for a custom home for you can be overwhelming and lot of people don’t really know where to start. Here are five steps and an example with figures to help you on your way.

Home Theater Ductwork- Size Doesn’t Matter- Part 2

Many people delay a renovation or the addition they’ve been dreaming of because of a perceived physical barrier – size of the space or even a structural obstacle. We, at DH Custom Homes, say those things do not have to stand in your way. We have a lower level home theater under construction in Chesterfield to prove it. In our blog Size Doesn’t Matter- Part 1 we described the plan for the theater and the challenges we had facing us.


A Tribute to My Father: The Unseen Crawl Space

To honor the engineering-minded home builder father I love, I share with you one of his favorite spaces in our Clayton home renovation – the crawl space under the addition.

Hidden Custom Bar in Chesterfield

A while back we wrote about a two-story remodel project we were working on in Chesterfield where we opened up the floor plan to create a more airy and open feel. Since that blog post, we have been busy remodeling and updating the home, and in the process, creating a very special feature- a custom bar in the dining room with some hidden features.

Size Doesn’t Matter – Part One

 Bigger is not always better. At least that is what you will see with a new custom project we kicked off recently. We were excited to get started on a home theater project for a Chesterfield family. One because home theaters are fun projects for us. And, two, because this one came with a bit of a challenge. We had to design the theater into the space where homeowners desired – a small unfinished area off of their finished lower level. 

Fusing Vintage with Modern- Part 2

 Home additions can be tricky. At DH Custom Homes, we have been working on several home additions over the last year. And we have been grateful to work with home owners who understand the importance of blending the original structure with their new addition both inside and out. 

Fusing Vintage with Modern, Part 1

While older homes are stacked with charm and uniqueness, they were built for a different time. If you live in an older home and are considering adding modern renovations or home addition, you’ll want to follow one of our newest projects. We are working on an addition and remodel in Clayton, Mo., that will balance modernization and architectural integrity.

Rethinking the Mud Room

 As a family-owned and operated business, we at DH Custom Homes sought out to take on this challenge of rethinking the mud room. While transition areas like a mud room are a utility, we believe they can reflect the home’s design and serve as a welcoming area. We call our approach, the family foyer – a large space that can be customized in any way to meet the family’s needs.

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