Safety Tips

Safety Tips

Help Your Home Get Back in Shape

Spring showers might bring with it May flowers, but it can also bring with it some severe damage to your house. We all know after a bad hail storm to have our roof, and of course our cars, inspected for any damage. But do you know what other damage could have occurred and you might not think to check? 

Kick Condensation to the Curb!

We’ve had some bitterly cold temperatures in St. Louis recently. While it’s normal to notice a little frozen precipitation and condensation toward the bottom of your windows this time of year, excessive condensation could be a sign of another issue. It can be one that’s a little tricky to deal with. Here is some information Dennis Hayden of DH Custom Homes would give to his homeowners.   


Unsexy Updates to Make to Your Home

The reality of home ownership includes some extremely unpredictable and unglamorous projects that are a necessity. Here are our top three maintenance projects for your home that might not be sexy, but are highly important to keep your home in the best shape possible.   


2015 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home

The holiday decorations have been put away, the extended family have gone back home and the New Year’s parties have all past. Now what? Typically, people make a personal New Year’s Resolution such as eat healthier, spend more time at home or lose weight. But how about making a New Year’s Resolution for your home? Here are some great resolutions for your home in 2015.

Winter Home Updates You Don’t Want to Forget

With the temperature continuing to drop every day, be sure your home is winterized and ready for the elements. Here is a simple guide to preparing your home for some potentially bad winter weather.

Summer Winterize your Home

It may be hard to visualize in the sweltering heat of a St. Louis summer. But the humid days of June through August are the best time to winterize your home. 

8 Critical Soil Factors Before Building Your Home

But even before the foundation is poured, it is important to understand the soil and site factors that will help determine any limitations that need to be mitigated on a planned homesite.

Home Theater Ductwork- Size Doesn’t Matter- Part 2

Many people delay a renovation or the addition they’ve been dreaming of because of a perceived physical barrier – size of the space or even a structural obstacle. We, at DH Custom Homes, say those things do not have to stand in your way. We have a lower level home theater under construction in Chesterfield to prove it. In our blog Size Doesn’t Matter- Part 1 we described the plan for the theater and the challenges we had facing us.


Custom Gate for Stairs


If you have pets or kids, odds are you’re no stranger to gates in your home. Unfortunately, most gates stick out like a sore thumb. They’re unattractive, flimsy and difficult to maneuver. DH recently worked with Alternatives Woodwork & Stair to make a custom gate to blend seamlessly in a great room. This gorgeous gate blends perfectly with the staircase – adding to the beauty of the home rather than detracting from it.



Winter Wonderland Readiness

The weather right now may be unseasonably warm, but it won't last forever. Make sure you're prepared for winter weather ahead.

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