2015 Looking Like 1998!

The stock of aging homes in the St. Louis metropolitan area is making infill custom homes the answer for more and more people. If you can afford the absolutely perfect lot on the most desirable street, that’s great. But a lot of families wonder how to get the best value in a home they love in the general location or school district they desire. Well, it may not be the answer you want, but it’s a simple one.

Introducing our Newest Home Design: The Pelham

Now, we love all of our plans and we are always saying that each one is our favorite, but this one just might be our new favorite! You'll see it here first, a sneak peek at our all-new custom-designed DH home in development that we have named the Pelham.

Tips to the Best Lawn and Garden this Summer

The sun's rays can be extremely harsh throughout the summer, and you want to be careful that your plants are protected. Here are some tips to have the best lawn and garden this summer.

Five Steps to Selecting a Homesite and Preparing to Build a Custom Home

Finding a lot that’s right for a custom home for you can be overwhelming and lot of people don’t really know where to start. Here are five steps and an example with figures to help you on your way.

Kick Condensation to the Curb!

We’ve had some bitterly cold temperatures in St. Louis recently. While it’s normal to notice a little frozen precipitation and condensation toward the bottom of your windows this time of year, excessive condensation could be a sign of another issue. It can be one that’s a little tricky to deal with. Here is some information Dennis Hayden of DH Custom Homes would give to his homeowners.   


Twice as Nice: A Repeat DH Client

We recently had previous clients contact us to build their second custom home with DH Custom Homes. We are honored and thrilled to be working with them again! They have challenged us to be creative, think outside of the box and create a truly terrific custom home. We are still in the early phases of construction but so far this home has been a great example of how a luxury, unique custom home can be designed from the imagination and needs of a homeowner in a matter of weeks and at an affordable price.

Winter Home Updates You Don’t Want to Forget

With the temperature continuing to drop every day, be sure your home is winterized and ready for the elements. Here is a simple guide to preparing your home for some potentially bad winter weather.

How We Live Now? Staircase and Entryway Trend

One trend we’ve noticed over the past couple months are elaborate and detailed staircases and entryways! Whether you have a stairway in the entry of your home, or one located in the center of it, your entryway can be an eye-catching centerpiece for your home. 

Radiant Heat Renaissance

DH Custom Homes has recently installed a kind of heat that is sure to make those cold winter days more bearable – radiant floor heating. 

8 Critical Soil Factors Before Building Your Home

But even before the foundation is poured, it is important to understand the soil and site factors that will help determine any limitations that need to be mitigated on a planned homesite.


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