Missouri Landscaping, Part 1

Missouri weather can be extremely harsh and unpredictable. With the sunny and warm weather, many people are thinking about gardening and taking care of their plants and flowers. We compiled a list of questions we often hear about gardening, and here is part 1 of the handy list!


Radiant Heat Renaissance

DH Custom Homes has recently installed a kind of heat that is sure to make those cold winter days more bearable – radiant floor heating. 

Summer Winterize your Home

It may be hard to visualize in the sweltering heat of a St. Louis summer. But the humid days of June through August are the best time to winterize your home. 

8 Critical Soil Factors Before Building Your Home

But even before the foundation is poured, it is important to understand the soil and site factors that will help determine any limitations that need to be mitigated on a planned homesite.

A-Z Guide to Summer Fun in St. Louis

School’s out for the summer! Are you looking for activities to keep your kids busy and enjoy what St. Louis has to offer? We compiled an A-Z Guide of our favorite summer activities in St. Louis.

Patio and Porch Tips for Summer

Sipping cool drinks on the patio is a St. Louis summer tradition only second to watching Cardinals baseball. It’s the perfect time of year to spend your evenings and weekends enjoying the great outdoors. To make the experience even more enjoyable, we, at DH Custom Homes, compiled a list of tips to creating a comfortable, pleasing and functional patio.



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