What I Learned from my First Job

I always tell people that I’ve never had a bad job. And I really do mean that. I have had bad days, but I have always enjoyed what I was doing. My love for work started when I was only six years old. 

DESIGN TREND: Vintage Wallpaper

 Close your eyes and try to remember that shiny floral wallpaper that was in your grandmother’s kitchen. On weekend mornings when you ate pancakes, your eyes would wander around the walls and the depth of the textures would become even more pronounced. Well. That look is back, but with some modern sensibility. According to several local interior designers retro wallpaper with patterns, large or small, and even faux finish prints are experiencing a revival. 

Dennis Hayden Featured in SBM

We would like to thank the St. Louis Small Business Monthly for taking a few moments to get to know more about Dennis Hayden and the Hayden family with their January Time with the Boss column. Since our roots run deep in the St. Louis area, we were thrilled at the opportunity to give back to the local business community. 

Fusing Vintage with Modern, Part 1

While older homes are stacked with charm and uniqueness, they were built for a different time. If you live in an older home and are considering adding modern renovations or home addition, you’ll want to follow one of our newest projects. We are working on an addition and remodel in Clayton, Mo., that will balance modernization and architectural integrity.


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