A Window Seat: Instant Vintage Luxury

Few design elements can add a sense of traditional charm as well as a window seat. They remind us of a romantic time when people would take a respite from the day-to-day entanglements of life to enjoy spare time. They inspire pursuits like reading, journaling or simply taking in the natural beauty of the outdoors. 

Inside the Mind of Denny Hayden

 Custom home building is in Denny Hayden’s DNA. From the time he was in high school, he was lugging materials, estimating costs and supporting sales people for Hayden Homes, the St. Louis company founded by his father (Dennis Hayden) and uncle (C Barry Hayden). Today, while his title and the company name have changed, he is still motivated by the same feeling – creating a unique home experience.

Spring 2013 Paint Colors: Renewal and Zen

Spring and summer seasons offer a natural time of renewal. There is energy in the air. The buds on the trees and new life outside can inspire you to refresh and renovate the inside of your home. It is the time when most people are pulling back the drapes, re-arranging furniture, finally doing that remodeling project and adding new color.

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo – DH Style

Last year for Cinco de Mayo, we shared a delicious French Margarita recipe. This year, we ask you to look at your margarita through rose-colored glasses. 


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