Homewood in Kirkwood – Vaulted Porch Ceiling & PVC Framing

From floor to ceiling and front door to back door, we want a DH Custom Home to be a true reflection of the homeowners that reside inside. We’ve been sharing some incredible details in a Kirkwood custom home these past few weeks. The front porch and back porch truly are amazing.

Homewood in Kirkwood – Polished Concrete Patio Floor

One of the best parts of our job is to work hand-in-hand with homeowners to add custom features in homes. These special touches are a true reflection of the individuals and their lifestyles. For this Kirkwood family, we knew we wanted to make the outdoor living areas a true retreat. To create a durable yet gorgeous flooring solution, we opted to use a polished concrete surface on the rear porch.

Homewood in Kirkwood – Front Porch Beadboard Ceiling

If you’re from the South, or have spent much time there, you’ve likely done your fair share of front porch sitting. Outdoor living is a staple in southern states and they take great pride in creating welcoming, cozy porches for their homes. But have you ever sat down your sweet tea, stopped rocking and looked up?

Pinspiration – Porches & Patios

At DH Custom Homes, we know your porches and patios make a first impression. We love incorporating personal, unique touches that reflect the lifestyles of all of our home owners. The options truly are limitless!


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