Storm Damage Repair for your Home

The Saint Louis area was plagued by spring storms this year. Driving around town, we still see home after home in need of repairs to roofs, siding, guttering and more. We’ve received several calls from owners of DH Custom Homes and Hayden Homes residences. Their homes are in need of storm damage repair and they’ve turned to DH for advice and direction. We’re proud to know that our homeowners see us as an on-going partner and we’re here to support them as they restore their homes after the spring storms. Continue reading for several things to consider when selecting an individual or company to assist with repairs.


Creve Coeur Custom Home Gallery

We recently delivered a completed luxury custom home in Creve Coeur, Missouri. The home was a customized version of our Whitekirk 1-1/2 story design from the DH Custom Homes Designer Portfolio. This particular home was built to include features from our Signature Portfolio collection.

Front Porch Features in Kirkwood Custom Home


We recently began construction on a classic custom home in Kirkwood, Missouri. In this neighborhood, homes tend to feature large, livable front porches that add to the curb appeal. Keeping with the spirit of the neighborhood, DH Custom Homes is building a beautiful covered front porch for the new home, providing an elegant entry and area in front of the home for outdoor dining and relaxing.



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