Media Air Filters

Seasonal allergy season has been long and unforgiving in St. Louis this year. With temperatures hot and forecasted to get even hotter, it’s important to have one’s HVAC system working at its best. A home air filter system is a great option to consider to tackle allergens in the air and to improve your HVAC system’s efficiency. Learn more about media air filters and how they can improve air quality in your home!

Southern Peach Cocktail

While this isn’t a traditional red, white and blue cocktail for the Fourth of July, it’s a great, refreshing cooler-style cocktail to put you in a festive spirit to celebrate our country’s independence. Keep cool while enjoying your outside festivities on the patio or watching fireworks. Plus, it takes advantage of Missouri’s local fresh peaches now in season!

Kirkwood Custom Home Update – Foundation Poured!

Construction is now well underway at one of our newest luxury custom homes on Homewood Drive in Kirkwood, Missouri. This 1-1/2 story home was uniquely designed for the homeowners. It is being built on a home site previously owned by the homeowners who opted to tear down their smaller ranch home to build a new custom home. Read more about the demo here. We’re back this month to bring you an update as we move forward with construction!


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